Yiamas Taverna in Glasgow


Being away from home makes you miss a few things like family, friends, pets, the local café you would spend hours with your friends chatting about anything and everything. In my case though I also miss my grandmother’s cooking, and as a matter of fact I just miss Greek and Cypriot traditional foods.

So in an effort to calm my cravings I decided to visit Yiamas Taverna in Glasgow, located on Bath Street. Walking into the restaurant almost felt like I was stepping into a traditional Greek Taverna, in the heart of Crete. From the Cretan map by the entrance, to the faint traditional Greek music playing in the background, the atmosphere created was nostalgic.

And the food.. well that’s another story.

The wide variety of traditional Greek dishes made it almost impossible for me to decide which ones to taste.

Pastitsio and Mousaka, were perhaps the two dishes I was mostly craving from my grandmother’s cooking and to no surprise the first ones I ordered. The creamy Béchamel sauce and the delicious ground beef in both these dishes were almost as good as my grandmother’s recipes.

Next came the fried squid, also known as Kalamaraki. The dish was as you would expect to find it in a Fish Tavern on a Greek island, however the portion was small, not ideal for a main course dish but rather a starter.

We couldn’t walk out though without tasting the Chicken Souvlaki and the Donner kebab, known as Gyros. Although both were accompanied by classic Tzatziki, chips, fresh tomato and onion, the flavour did not resemble the classic dish. In spite of both being delicious, the choice of spices, such as cayenne pepper, are not ones used in the Greek cuisine. Sometimes the simplicity of lemon and oregano can be more effective for both these dishes.

Nonetheless, it is a unique restaurant with an authentic atmosphere and vibrant menu worth visiting.



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