Eat like a Greek?

Have you ever wondered why Greeks make such a big deal over food? Have you never seen the memes on social media? 

Well it’s common knowledge that in a Greek house hold, food is of vital importance in every aspect. The type of food, the way it’s cooked, the quantity and especially the occasion.

Sharing food is an important part of the Greek culture and eating is not just to satisfy hunger, but also an opportunity for a social experience. Family dinners are known to be a blessed time during which family and friends come together to bond and celebrate a special occasion.

Whether it’s a holiday they are celebrating, like Christmas or Easter, a name day or a birthday, or just a family gathering, you can be certain that food will be served in over generous amount. It’s part of the culture after all and a tradition which dates back to Ancient Greece, where feasts would be held in celebration of an event.

Greek cuisine is referred to as an example of the ideal Mediterranean diet, both rich in flavour and primarily consistent of fresh ingredients. Olive oil usually plays an important part in almost every dish and is used in generously during the cooking process.

So if you ever find yourself on a Greek island expect good food, amazing hospitality and don’t be shocked if the owner of the Taverna won’t let you leave if you still have food on your plate. Greeks never leave food on their plates!



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