A Greek Christmas!

Christmas has once again come and gone so fast. But am I the only one concerned that the weight I’ve gained from the extravagant food fiesta this festive season will not go away so easily? Of course if you are Greek you will continue indulging in traditional festive delicacies and attending family dinners up until the Epiphany (Theofania) celebrations on the 6th of January and well, all year round.

Food was served in large quantities and in imense variety, as in any other family gathering or festive celebration. So why would Christmas be any different?

From souvla, to dolmades, to pastichio, a Greek Christmas dinner includes all traditional mouth-watering dishes that make Greek cuisine so distinctly different to any other. And of course no Greek Christmas table would be complete without a traditional village Greek salad.

But don’t think that Greeks don’t consider dessert. Like the food, delicious desserts are of primary importance at such gatherings, to please all sweet-tooths. Traditional festive cookies kourambiedes and melomakarona, baklava and different flavoured cakes (eg. chocolate, Christmas cake), you can expect almost anything to be served for pudding.

However, Christmas is not just about food! It’s about enjoying and appreciating the company of your loved ones, making memories and spreading love and happiness in your home and to the rest of the world! It is the one time of the year where you can let go of all the stress and worries and be jolly. So grasp the moment and have a very Merry Christmas!


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